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You'll never need to get out of your car again thanks to Etisalat!

UAE's National Innovation Week has seen possible driver-less cars, kids building robots and now the Connected Car! 


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Visa and Etisalat have joined forced to create a new gadget that will keep you connected! Connected car uses Visa Checkout, Etisalat's Mobile Cashier, Bluetooth Low Energy and Beacon technology to allow customers to pre-order and pre-pay for anything from petrol to food!

Once you're outside the store, staff will be notified and bring out your groceries, or even fill up your car! 

Nathan Cushnie, Visa’s Head of Emerging Products and Innovation for Mena said.“Visa and Etisalat are pleased to give residents in the UAE a chance to experience the future of connected commerce. The UAE is making huge strides in developing the infrastructure for digital payments, adding to the possibility of realising innovations such as the Connected Car in the near future”

Dubai Mall will have a display showing residents how the technology works on Friday.