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You might want to think twice about buying a drone!

Drones are amazing pieces of technology, but there is only really one reason to get one, and that's to get incredible footage on the drones camera, but what you probably didn't know is that having a camera on your drone in the UAE is illegal.

The laws were put in place in April last year after a number of planes at Dubai International Airport were grounded, due to an unidentified drone was caught flying into the airspace. 

In short, drones must be registered with the General Civil Aviation Authority, in order to fly them legally. Mohammed Al Dossari of the GCAA told The National: “Only a limited number of private drone operators have knowledge of the law regarding entering civil airspace, air traffic control and avoidance procedures and safety issues surrounding that.”

Other laws on drones in the UAE include not allowing people to operate them at night, and staying clear of congested flight paths... Like the world's busiest airport!!