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You could travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 15 minutes...

Put your Salik tags away - this new way of getting between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is super quick!!

A clever clogs called Peter Diamandis founded a company called 'Planetary Resources' and has come to the UAE to talk about his new invention - the “hyperloop”!

It's where you're pulled though a massive tube at speeds up to 1,220kph. This tube is a frictionless vacuum...

Mr Diamandis has said “Imagine going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in less than 15 minutes on the ground next to a motorway,”.

“If the UAE wants it, it could be operational before 2020".

“Hyperloop is about reinventing transportation,” said Mr Diamandis. “This is about the future. This is like how mobile telephony reinvented the world many times over.”