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You can now sub-let your home... Kinda!

Tenants in the UAE will now be allowed to lease their home on a short-term basis, as long as permissions is asked beforehand. 

The application portal, on Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has been updated, to allow owners and their tenants submit application forms, to allow short-term subletters rent the property. 

This doesn't mean that tenants are allowed to lease just 1 bedroom, this is still banned. Tenants will have to lease out the entire property as a holiday home, to qualify for this you need a no-objection letter from your landlord, there will also be a health and safety check, and the property will have to meet insurance and code of conduct standards. 

The new initiative is park of the Dubai Vision 2020. Executive Director, Tourism Activities and Classification Sector of Dubai Toursim, Khaled bin Touq said: "As part of the dialogue with our partners, the industry and providers, we are continuously looking at how to enhance our overall offering to ensure Dubai remains competitive and appeals to an evolving diversity of travelers."