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You can now pay for things on your Smart Watch in the UAE!

Smart pay services are beginning to be rolled out across the UAE, the brand new e-Dirham system created by the UAE Ministry of Finance has partnered with Enoc and Eppco petrol stations, to allow you to buy things wirelessly! 

This means you will be allowed to pay cashless and cardless at all 112 Enoc service stations and all Zoom outlets across the UAE. The wireless payment system is currently very popular in the UK, with contactless payment being installed into most debit cards. 

The e-Dirham service will allow you to download the app on to your Apple Watch, or Android alternative (The person writing this is obvz an Apple user) and then hover the device over the 'pay here' area and job done! 

The e-Dirham apps are available to download at the App Store and Play Store now!