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Could this be the new trend be coming to the UAE?!

The UAE is full of extreme sports, skydiving, flyboarding, The XLine and even jetman! 

But could this newest extreme sport be making its way to the UAE? Wingboarding! It's just like wakeboarding, but in the sky!

Wyp Aviation are the guys behind the new extreme sport, which involves strapping the brave rider's feet onto, basically, a surfboard with wings! 

The board is connected to the back of a plane, and allows to the rider to do flips and tricks, just like when you wakeboard, but up in the clouds! 

What is attracting everyone to the new extreme sport, is that you aren't falling, you can go "Cloud Surfing," but in reality you are falling from a plane, and the same goes for skydiving. 

Wingboarding could become the another extreme sport where you are actually flying!