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Why is the new Blackberry more expensive than the iPhone?!

In January the UAE and Saudi Arabia will welcome the brand new Blackberry onto the market! The new smartphone runs on Android OS Priv and is estimated to cost more than the iPhone 6s... But why?

The new Blackberry will have a 5.4 inch screen and is the first Blackberry to run on Android.

The main feature on the new smartphone is it's qwerty keyboards, one touch-screen and one physical, to keep it's common theme of physical keyboards on the Blackberry's.

What's shocking most customers interested in buying the new phone is the price, the new Blackberry is set to cost Dh2,899 compared to a 16GB iPhone 6s which is priced at just Dh2,599. 

When you compare the two phones to one another some features are better on the blackberry, though other fail to justify the price.

With an 18 megapixel rear camera it beats the iPhone 6s by 6 megapixels, but it's front camera fails to impress with only 2 megapixels, compared to the iPhone 6s' 5 megapixels.

The phones are set to hit shelves in January, so we'll have to wait and see how popular the new Blackberry is going to be!