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Why do drivers in the UAE speed?

In a recent survey, motorists around the UAE admitted to speeding and breaking UAE laws. The main reason for their speeding? 67% of people said it’s because they were running late!

While 67% admitted they only speed when they are running late, 53% admitted they do it for fun or to impress other people, a following 45% admitted that they speed out of habit.

Other reason for why drivers in the UAE speed, 39% of people said they know where the speed cameras are placed, which makes it easier to know when to slow down.

A staggering 27% of people admitted to speeding because they belief the roads were designed for speed (Really…?!) While, 22% wanted to test their cars abilities, and 21% justified speeding because it is more culturally acceptable in the UAE, than in their home town.

The final two reasons for speeding was feeling that they were unlikely to get caught (15%) and the final 5% admitting they were undeterred by the low speeding fines.

In a survey by YouGov 82% of drivers admitted to not exceeding the official maximum speed limit of 140kph, however 1 in 5 drivers admitted to exceeding 140kph, with 5% admitting they drive at speeds from 180kph to 260kph!