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Here is what we LOVE about Motiongate Dubai!

Motiongate Dubai is now officially open and we've picked our top 5 attractions below...

Ghostbusters: Battle For New York!

In this interactive ride you'll be a Ghostbuster shooting your way through the Temple of Gozer to save New York City.

Zombieland Blast Off!

You'll make your way though an abandoned amusement park where a zombie could be waiting for you at any given moment.

There's also a 58 meter drop tower which you have to free-fall down to reach the end!

Smurfs Village!

There are five different attractions in the Smurf Village.

The Smufberry Factory, Smurfs Village Playhouse, Woodland Play Park, Smurfs Studio Tours and Smurf Village Express!

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness!

You'll be going on a crazy adventure to free the Furious Five on a 4D simulator and you can also take part in the Kung-Fu Academy.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit!

This Madagascar themed ride is dubbed as the 'fastest madly rollercoaster that you'll ever see'!

You'll go on a drive through a circus in pursuit of the Zoosters.

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