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What Dubai was like 10 years ago

It's weird to think that 10 years ago was 2006. To us, when you say 10 years ago, we think 1997! Check out 10 things that were happening 10 years ago in the UAE. 

1: Dubai's hotshots were walking around with one of these! 


This was before the Blackberry was a big deal, the coolest flip phone around, but it looked like the world's oldest Nokia! 

2: Mercato was the fanciest mall

It seriously was, you walked in and thought you were stepping into italy!

3: BurJuman mall was the most expensive

Jam packed full of designer gear it is the oldest shopping mall in Dubai. But you'd only head to BurJuman if you wanted the latest designer gear, in 2006's case, it was probably something from Von Dutch or Ed Hardy.

4: Dubai mall was just a dream

Construction had begun, but being told that Dubai Mall was going to open in 2009, felt like a lifetime away. 

5: The Burj Khalifa was becoming... something

There was so many cranes in Dubai 10 years ago, at one point a rumour went around saying, there was a shortage of cranes for the rest of the world because Dubai had them all! 

The Burj Khalifa was at 50 floors by June 2006, but because of all the other construction, it wasn't really that big a deal. 

6: The Palm Jumeirah was almost finished! 

People had bought their homes, construction on villas was almost complete, and people were so close to moving in, but that was it. There wasn't any sign of the Atlantis until 4 years later, in 2010! 

7: JBR didn't exist

Every weekend people flock to The Beach to catch some rays, but 10 years ago, the snazzy outdoor mall that we all know and love wasn't even a thought. JBR didn't officially open until 2008, and the beach? Well, the beach was just a boring space of sand and sea! 

8: Dubai Sports City was a patch of sand

We know it kinda still is, and much of the construction that began there, was never finished, but in 2006, Dubai Sports City was just a sign post. 

9: Ibn Battuta was the longest mall 

Probably known best for the world's fanciest Starbucks, Ibn Battuta had us all wondering why they would make a mall so long 10 years ago? And then Dubai went on to build Dubai Mall, which is now the equivalent to 10 Ibn Battuta's. 

10: Discovery Gardens was another construction site

Right next to the world's longest "Themed" mall (You have to include themed, other wise it's not the world's longest!) Discovery Gardens was being built, the newest, cosy, family orientated apartment complex. What we didn't know was what the traffic would be like going in and out!