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What do you think is the most popular phone in the UAE?

Remember way back when, the Blackberry was the most popular phone in the UAE? Businesses would have their BBM Pin plastered everywhere, so instead of phoning people, you contacted them there! A phone number didn't exist in the UAE, it was all about the BBM Pin.

Even Du and Etisalat offered packages that gave you unlimited Blackberry messenger! 

Anyway, those days are completely over, because the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE released figures showing that the iPhone 6 is the most popular phone used by residents in the UAE. 

68.91% of residents use an iPhone 6 in the UAE, second place in the most popular phone to be used by UAE residents, was the Nokia 108, dual sim mobile (We're kind shocked by this one!) 2.92% of the population use this mobile. 

The iPhone 5s came in 3rd, with 2.39% of the population using the mobile, Samsung was on the list, but it was on the list as the most commonly used brand, which technically doesn't mean that most of us use their phones! 

Between the 1st January and the 30th March, we visited social media a whopping 24 billion times, with 91% of the visits being for Facebook and another 5% being for Twitter. 

Guess it goes to show, the UAE is OBSESSED with their mobile phones!