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What do we know about the Hyperloop?

The launch is just over a week away, so lets have a look at what we know so far...


Last week Hyperloop One unveiled a video which included a few teasers and more details about the project itself.

You can see the potential Hyperloop design in the desert, a map with a potential route and the vision for the futuristic mode of transport.

The only other video we have seen is the one above.

This was recorded in May and shows the first ever test of the Hyperloop machinery.

It was a successful test in the middle of the Californian desert!


The Hyperloop will connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi and will take commuters only 15 minutes to get to and from the capital.

There will also be three airport and two port stops.

These include Abu Dhabi Airport, Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai International Airport, Khailfa Port and Jebel Ali Port.

Other connections are unknown at this point. 


There has been no finish project date released to the public, however with it costing over 17 billion dirhams, it would be right to assume that this could take some time.

We'll know more on November 7th during the official launch event in Dubai.