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Watch out for new flying Radars!

Eeeek! Dubai Police, as always, is looking for new ways to counteract speeding across the Emirate so is looking at this brand new technology.

A remote controlled drone will fly above highways - with a built it radar looking down at cars below.

Maher bin Haidar, of the General Department of Protective Security & Emergency at Dubai Police says the drone has already been built, and is capable of carrying a speed radar!

“This drone can capture images from a kilometre distance with its capacity to zoom in 60 times,”.

“It can fly for 2 hours, and can be controlled at a distance of 2km with a remote control.

“This could be used to capture illegal road racers, or aggressive drivers, for example.”

The drone can also be added with weight, so it can lift a sinking ship out of the sea, or monitor traffic, accidents, or other operations.