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Use your Nol Card to pay for your Uber or Careem cab!

The RTA are in talks with private cab companies Uber and Careem to introduce a mobility platform, that will allow UAE residents to pay for their cabs with a Nol Card! 

The announcement comes in line with plans to allow your Nol Card to pay for all modes of transport across the UAE, including app-based cab services.

The new service will be called the RTA transit hub, and will allow customers to pay for services like taxis, buses, metros and trams, as well as services that have not has access to Nol Card payment before like The Palm Jumeira Monorail, the Dubai trolley, and limo services. 

In a statement Al Tayer said: "The Dubai Integrated Mobility Platform fulfils RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All and conforms to its first strategic goal (Smart Dubai), second strategic goal (Integrated Dubai), and the third strategic goal (People Happiness)."

Phase 1 of 3 is expected to begin later this year.