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UberCHOPPER is sticking around a little longer!

For the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, Uber announced that instead of taking a boring cab to Yas Island, you could now fly! UberCHOPPER gave customers the chance to travel in style to one of the most stylish events of the year. 

And now they've decided to keep UberChopper going! 

Until early next year you will still be able to book a helicopter through the Uber app, renamed UberTour the service will allow you to take a 20-minute helicopter tour of Dubai, from the helipad at The Atlantis, The Palm. 

The tour will take you around Old Dubai, Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Marina - the tours are available from 10am to 4:30pm and will cost you Dh630 per person, or a for a group of 6 it will cost you Dh530! 

Feel like booked a UberTour? All you have to do is set your location like you would ordering a normal Uber, then a driver will come and pick you up and drive you to the helipad at Atlantis - It's not clear if the driver takes you back, but we're pretty sure they do!