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UAE storm: 4 hour delays and airport closures

Schools are closed for the rest of the week, Abu Dhabi closed their airport due to 130kph winds and there are 4 hour delays expected on all of the UAE's main highways. 

Offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi closed early due to the bad weather, high winds and flooding on most roads of the UAE. With another storm expected to hit later on in the evening, and continue through until tomorrow afternoon, schools in Dubai will stay closed until Sunday next week. 

Winds in Abu Dhabi hit 130kph forcing Abu Dhabi International Airport to close it's runway for 1 hour until the winds calmed down. Power cuts across the country were also reported in Jumeirah Parks area. 

With all main roads across the UAE congested due to car accidents, flooding and heavy winds, delays of up to 4 hours are expected on your average journey.