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UAE drivers have found cheaper fuel!

Motorist who are not willing to pay the newly raised price of petrol, are driving that extra mile to pay less!  

In a recent survey, since the raise in price, it shows that most drivers have switched to E-Plus.

At Dh2.07 a litre it’s cheaper than Special (Dh2.14 p/l) and Super (Dh2.24 p/l) and works out to be the cheapest petrol in the UAE.

The catch? E-Plus is only available in Adnoc petrol stations, which are only available in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

So if you live in these areas you’re in luck! If you don’t… Well you’re probably just wasting petrol driving from emirate to emirate!

Adnoc has seen a rise in their customers between 2pm and 10pm.

But be warned, you know when things get more popular the prices go up!