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#Top3 from Channel 4 this week!

Let's look at the #Top3 moments on Channel 4 this week...

3: Ben thought he was a wizard!


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All this week on Afternoons, Ben has been trying to send you off to the fan event for Fantastic Beats and Where to find them.

This call almost went wrong as Ben was testing the spell out on a listener!

2: Jay & JJ get taught about Canadian Thanksgiving by Kolter!

Last Monday it was Canadian Thanksgiving so Jay & JJ called in Kolter to chat about it.

However they wasn't expecting to hear a boring story!

1: Eve meets her childhood crush!

On Wednesday Eve told Stu her childhood crush, Stu was secretly recording the whole conversation and let the whole country know about it!

So on Thursday morning, Stu got Dane Bowers, Eve's crush, to come in and see her... Awkward..