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Top 10 New Years destinations!

Dubai has been crowned the number 1 destination to spend New Years, and it's not surprising! Fireworks shooting out of the worlds tallest building? Who wouldn't want to see that?!

Let's take a look at the top 10 New Years destinations around the world, some of them are pretty impressive! 

10: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has never officially had a public New Years party, though that's all changing on the 31st December, as it will be the first ever public party for everyone in the city to get involved with! 

9: Chicago, US

Though there are no public parties, last year Zedd performed during the countdown to 2015 in Chicago, and it looked crazy! 

8: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

An incredible fireworks display on the beautiful sandy beaches doesn't seem to back to us! 

7: Santiago, Chile 

Lighting up the entire sky with fireworks, celebrations in Chile look like a chilled, but memorable experience! 

6: Atlanta, US

Performers, food, light up glasses, and Ludacris, what more do you want for a New Years event?! 

5: Tokyo, Japan 

Definitely the type of display you'd like to view from afar! Tokyo's firworks look (and sound) gigantic! 

4: Reykjavik, Iceland

There are fireworks going off literally EVERYWHERE in Reykjavik! But it's thoroughly planned, and executed perfectly to make it look incredible! 

3: Barcelona, Spain

There isn't a good quality, full length video of Barcelona's new years, but from this short clip it looks absolutely incredible! 

2: Cartagena, Colombia 

With the best mix of nightlife, and good weather Catagena made it to number 2 on the list for their colourful fireworks! There isn't an official video of these fireworks,  but there are some incredible photos! 

1: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's true, Dubai do it bigger and better than anyone else, and last year they stopped at nothing to bring us an incredible introduction to 2015. 3D mapping on the world's tallest building?! Who thought that could be a thing? But they did it! And it was amazing!