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This brand new gadget is gonna keep you cool all summer!

It's getting very hot in the UAE at the moment, as we're sure you all know. But the thing we're certain that everyone is worried about, has got to be the sweat patches we have to put up with in the humidity! Well, worry no more! 

Say hello to the Thanko clip-on armpit air conditioning units... Nope, we're not joking! Clip these bad boys onto the sleeves of your shirt, and forget that your armpits ever sweated in the past!

They best thing about the Thankco clip-on armpit air conditioning units? Well how discreet they are of course, no one will ever be able to notice that your have air conditioning units under your armpits! 

You can buy these online for Dh131, direct from Japan, or wait a little while, because we're pretty sure they'll find their way to Dragon Mart very soon! 

Thanks Japan, you're so good a thinking of stuff!