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12 things that make no sense to people who are new to the UAE

If you've lived in Dubai for a long time, you'll know all about these things. But if you've only lived here for a year, you're gonna have no idea what we're talking about! (Inside joke lols) 

1: Mistakenly calling Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road. 

If you're new, you might not know that they changed the name of the road in 2013

2: If you're still doing that, you're still doing this too!

You're still calling Emirates Road, The Bypass Road... It's all very confusing! 

3: Constantly thinking about THIS Hard Rock Cafe

We know it closed in 2009, but it sat there until 2013 before it got demolished!

4: You're always amazed at how far JBR has come

Yeah, that walk you all know and love? Never existed until 2013!

5: When someone says "The Burj" you think of the Burj Al Arab, not the Burj Khalifa! 

"There are 2 Burj's.. please specify which one you mean!"

6: You still call Novo Cinemas, Grand Cinemas! 

It's was a change we're still trying to get used to

7: And VOX cinemas! 

"I think you mean, Cinestar Cinemas...?!"

8: You're always annoyed at the Tram

Before this arrived, traffic was way better! 

9: You still walk to the old cinemas at Mall of the Emirates

"Oh... Right. I forgot they moved it.. "

10: You still get super excited that penguins live in Ski Dubai 

These guys were never here before! You would come here to ski and that was it!"

11: When you talk about the Dubai Country Club... 

No one has a CLUE what you're talking about. And it's really upsetting, because you miss it so badly! 

12: Wonderland theme park was actually open 

And you may have actually visited it before!