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The UAE's most useful apps!

Apps are important in everyday life nowadays, you just can't help to need them with you 24/7! So we've had a look and found the most important UAE based apps to have on your smartphone! 

1: Innbox 

For the ones who work in social media, this app will allow you to manage your personal and professional Instagram in one app! It's really simple to use and it has a "swipe left, swipe right" theme to it too, which makes it look super slick! 

2: RTA Smart Parking 

Forget about sending an SMS, and those machines that you get the ticket from.. Yeah don't bother walking towards one of those ever again! You can do it directly from the comfort of your own car, with just a click on your phone! 

3: Food on Click 

Need a takeaway, download Food on Click with an awesome selection of food across the UAE, you can also filter the payment selections, so if you have no cash, no worries! you can pay on card! 

4: RTA Smart Drive 

This app is the best offline navigational app that the UAE has to offer, Google Maps doesn't offer offline routes, so if you're short on data, download this and make your way your destinations safely! Plus, it can notify you when you're exceeding the speed limit on any roads! 

5: Waze

Like everyone else in the world, here in the UAE, we all hate traffic. But if you download Waze, it will give you live updates on the traffic situation on your way home, and alternative exits! You will never be stuck in traffic again! 

6: RTA Sharekni

Not a lift, but you don't want to pay for a cab, and on the way you wanna make some new friends? Well this app is perfect for you! join in on the carpooling revolution! The app allows you to rate the driver, and choose if you would like a man or women driver. 

7: Careem

Who needs Uber, when we have Careem! UAE drivers, who are brilliant and knows their way around better than we ever will! Plus they offer rides for an excellent price! 

8: Wojhati

Planning on making that dreaded journey from Dubai to Sharjah? Download Wojhati and you can plan your journey ahead of time! So you know they perfect time to leave and not get stuck in traffic! 

9: Mpay

The ultimate app to pay all of your bills on the go! 

10: Makani 

Google Maps not able to find the exact location you need? Makani will allow you to search anywhere in the UAE if they have a Makani Number, just key it in to the app and you will be given a detailed route, and be on your way in no time!