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The UAE will soon be too hot to live on!

Dubai and Abu Dhabi could soon be too hot to live on by 2070… Just 55 years away! Which means, we’ll all probably have to leave soon!

The Nature Climate Change have published a new study estimating that if the UAE doesn’t seriously cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Doha and coastal cities in Iran could be home to some seriously hot heatwaves.

The study has created a “Wet Bulb Temperature” Which can combine the outside temperature and humidity levels together, to create an estimate.

The models their basing the study on, reveals that if carbon emissions continue, Gulf coastal regions could become impossible to live on, because our bodies will not be able to cool themselves down.

There is good news though, Dubai have been working on becoming a Smart City, attempting to cut their carbon footprint in half. So by 2070, we’ll all be a little older, but we will still be able to chill by the beach!