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The UAE is in full force to reduce road fatalities

Abu Dhabi traffic authorities are in talks of creating Smart Towers on main roads to warn drivers about fog conditions.

The new towers are a involved in the UAEs plan to reduce road accidents and fatalities. There will be 70 smart towers install all around the UAEs main roads. There is already one Smart Tower installed on Raha Beach inn Abu Dhabi.

The towers are like radars, they will detect the fog situation, and are directly connected to the central operations room and National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology,

Abu Dhabi traffic authorities said “There is a plan to install nearly 70 smart towers on motorways…their function includes warning motorists on fog conditions, road visibility and the speed limit during such conditions…the drivers will receive data electronically and the speed limit in such conditions will be flexible, depending on the road and visibility,”

On average 2 people die on the UAEs roads every day, due to speeding, jumping red lights or just not concentrating on the road. The UAE aims to bring road fatalities in the UAE down by 3 per 100,000 accidents.