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The UAE has won their first Olympic medal at Rio 2016!

Yesterday, Sergiu Toma took home the bronze medal in the men's under 81kgs Judo, making UAE history! This is the first Olympic medal the UAE has won in Judo, and the second in history! 

When Toma took to the podium in tears after receiving his medal, the first medal to ever be awarded to the UAE was back in 2004 at the Athens Olympics, where Sheikh Ahmed bin Hasher Al Maktoum took home the gold in Double Tap - fast forward 12 years, and the UAE has won a second medal! 

Toma is currently ranked 10th in the world in Judo.

The UAE have 13 contenders in this years Olympics,

- 3 competing in Judo 

- 3 competing in Shooting

- 3 competing in Athletics

- 1 competing in Road Cycling 

- 1 competing in weightlifting

- 2 competing in swimming.