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The top 5 crowd moments from the 1st ODI

The first England vs Pakistan ODI match saw Pakistan win by 6 wickets at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi! But during the match, the focus moved more on to the crazy crowd that was at the stadium! So here is the top 5 crowd moments from last night's first ODI match! 

1: THE SUN! 

Compared to what the weather looks like today, all gloomy and grey, the sun looked bigger than usual, and the cameramen couldn't help but focus in on it! 

2: The crowd was loving life! 

Everyone raring for Pakistan was having a whale of a time, and the closer Pakistan got to winning, the crazier they got! 

3: The man who brought along his stuffed animal!

Some match goers were so excited and happy, that he began to ride his stuffed animal around the premises! Very funny! 

4: The man in the grey wig

A cameraman caught a gentleman in a grey wig, absolutely beside himself with excitement! 

5: The excitement got a little too much! 

This man was so excited over Pakistan's win he decided to take an excitement nap! We hope he's okay now! 

Catch all the live action from the ODI matched with updates on Channel 4!