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The problems we know we'll face during the National Day Sales!

Dubai Tourism have announced a huge three day sale during this year's National Day weekend.

There's nothing like a good sale in the UAE, so here some of the problems we all know we'll face when shopping next weekend!

You'll find every size but your own!

You'll see something you like, you look for your size and there's every size available but your own!

Spot the places to sit at the food court!

Usually eating at the food court is fine, but not on sales weekend!

Malls will be crazy busy!

You'll be tip toeing around the mall with people walking slowing in front of you!

The que for the toilets!

When you're desperate to go, but you're stuck waiting in a long que of people!

Escalator Jams!

We have all experienced the frustration when someone completely stops at the top or bottom of the moving escalators!

Being stuck in a que behind someone arguing with the cashier!

We've all ended up waiting for half an hour because someones arguing about their item not having enough discount!

The hunt for parking spaces!

But there's a green light, so surely that means there is a parking space down there?!