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The most luxurious iPhone is being sold in Dubai!

If the iPhone 6s isn't snazzy enough for you, why not buy one from Givori's new "Calypso" range? 

The luxury smartphone is a limited edition, diamond-studded iPhone 6s. With more than 1,091 diamonds on the phone, it costs more than an engagement ring! 

The number of diamonds on the phone, makes the phone 10 carats, that's 5 less than Kim Kardashian's wedding ring, and that thing is HUGE! 

The phone will set you back a massive Dh109,999, and there are only 50 available to buy! So if you've got cash to throw away, why not get a better iPhone 6s than everyone else! 

If you're thinking of buying the pricey phone, they will be available at Damas jewellery boutiques, Axiom showrooms, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales!