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The Hyperloop passed it's first test yesterday!

In the Las Vegas desert, the Hyperloop was testest for the first time, and it seemed pretty successful! 

The test did look like the first stages of a roller coaster being created, but there was a lot of science behind it! They launched a sled looking device, with no brakes into the sand... because it had no brakes it needed some way to stop. It's all very scientific. 

The Hyperloop wasn't travelling at the speed of sound just yet, but it was testing how quickly the sled can accelerate, which was 187kph in 1.1 seconds. Which is pretty impressive!

So test 1 is done and dusted.. by the end of the year the Hyperloop plan to have a full scale passenger carrier, (With added brakes!) traveling at a speed of 1126kph. And then finally, the plan will be to have the Hyperloop taking us from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes.