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The FIFA Club World Cup is coming back to the UAE!

The FIFA Club World Cup has been officially passed on to the UAE from Japan.

The last time the tournament took place in the UAE was 2009 and 2010.

For the next two years the United Arab Emirates will play host to the tournament.

Here's how the FIFA Club World Cup works...

  • The competition is played over 4 rounds.

  • The winner of the OFC Champions League (New Zealand & Australia) will face the league winners of the host city in a play off game.

  • The Quarter Finals are made up of the play off winner, AFC Champions League winner (Asia), CONCACAF Champions League winner (North America, Central America, and the Caribbean) and the CAF Champions League winner (Africa).

  • The two winners from the drawn fixtures above will then go in the semi-finals and will face either the winner of the Copa Libertadores (South America and Mexico) or the UEFA Champions League winner (Europe).

  • The two teams left will then play each other in the final and the winning team will be crowned the FIFA Club World Cup winners.

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