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The 48-piece McNugget Bucket HAS to come to the UAE!

Everyone panic right now! Japan have just released the 48-piece McNugget Bucket, and the UAE needs it immediately! 

The promotion is tied in with the Japanese pop group NGT48, and only available on the west-coast of Japan. Wanna know the reason why a girl band is the face of the new McNugget Bucket? Because the name NGT48 looks like the word "Nugget"! Why are there 48 nuggets in the bucket? Because the girl bands name ends with 48... Yep. 

Each meal bought, comes with a memorabilia card featuring one member of the 25-member band! (WE KNOW! 25 members in a band!) - To collect all 25 memorabilia cards, means a total of 1,200 McNuggets will be bought! 

So what needs to happen now, is we have to all come together and create a band, and name the band something to do with chicken nuggets, then what we do is go to McDonalds and demand a 48-piece bucket of chicken nuggets, so exceptions... Sound like a good plan right?