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The 20kph leeway on Dubai's roads is going to be removed!

Campaigners are in talks to remove the 20kph gap, over the regulated speed limit on Dubai's roads. As plans to increase 'smart' technology to monitor the roads has been unveiled. 

Currently, you can drive on Dubai's roads 20kph over the speed limit without getting flashed, but this could soon be abolished as lobby group say that it is giving drivers more chance to be reckless on the roads. 

Thomas Edelmann, the group's founded spoke to 7Days saying: “To avoid any kind of misunderstandings on the road, removing buffers would be a great idea. For drivers, it should be what you see is what you get. Anything to do with interpretations should be avoided. With buffers, drivers interpret differently as to what speed to go at. Some think it could be 20pkh more and others think its 10pkh more.”

It isn't just campaigners urging for the leeway to be removed, the head of the Federal Traffic Council recommended that the UAE government removed the 20kph gap, but suggested that the maximum speed limit on the UAEs highways should be increased to 130kph, and the minimum increased from 60kph to 100kph. 

This all comes at the same time as the announcement of new "smart" speed cameras being added to the UAEs roads, which are capable of catching 7 violations at once. As well as the construction of a new traffic control centre in Al Barsha.