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Temperatures are about to DROP!

It was reported by the NCMS on Saturday, that the UAE is going to experience strong winds this week across the entire country.

And though no rain is reported to occur, the temperature is expected to drop quite dramatically! 

Through the city, it has been warned to residents that poor visibility will be likely due to the winds bringing up dust in areas, fog has also been reported. Seas are expected to be very rough and heading to the beach is not advised. 

Temperatures across the mountainous areas will drop to a staggering 12-18 degrees Celsius... (That's freezing!) The cities are expected to be hitting temperatures of only 19-24 degrees Celsius, with the wind making it feel even colder than that.

Winter is estimated to begins on December 23rd, but maybe it's coming a little sooner, nevertheless, it's time to wrap up warm!