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Some of Dubai Courts strangest requests!

The Dubai Courts call centre receives thousands of phone calls every day from 7am to 2pm, some are reasonable, some are serious... And then there are some rather bizzare requests. 

A woman wanted to file a divorce case because her husband forgot their anniversary and didn’t get her a gift. Dubai Courts recommended her to speak to her family before making such a serious request.

Another request to Dubai Courts saw a 45 year old woman asking if she could take legal action against a cow.

After buying a cow under the recommendation of a friend, telling her it would bring her good luck and marriage. She phoned Dubai Courts to sue the cow because after many years of having the cow, she still hadn’t got married.

 After (We hope, jokingly) being warned by her husband, that he will dump her if she gained weight. One woman phoned the courts in a panic saying she had passed 50kg and she thinks she could be heading for a divorce.

Surprisingly, many phone calls to Dubai Courts are about ghostly happenings… One caller phoned to say the ghosts in his home were annoying him and keeping him awake.

No matter the nature of the call, Dubai Courts ensure that they answer all calls with a calm and helpful attitude… Even if it is about a cow not helping you get married!