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So planes could be 3D-printed by 2030!

This week the Berlin Airshow unveiled the world's first 3D-printed aircraft, smaller than most other planes, the mini-plane Thor weighs just 21kg and has no windows. 

But does this mean in the next 24 years, we could be flying in printed planes?

Airbus are the company behind printing the first ever aircraft, which could end up saving time, money and fuel. The plane was created as a test to see how far 3D-printed technology could be pushed, and so far it seems to be doing pretty well! 

The only parts of the plane that are not printed were the electrical elements. Though, Airbus is the only company to create an entire 3D-printed plane, rival Boeing are already using 3D printed parts in some of their newer passenger jets like the A350 and the B787 Dreamliner. 

It is estimated that 71% of people think that spare parts for aircrafts could be printed directly at the airport by 2030, with another 51% of people thinking entire planes could be created by the same year.