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Sandstorm grounds flights in Jeddah!

Saudi Arabia has been hit by a sever sandstorm, causing visibility to drop by less than 10 meters and grounding flights. 

Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport has stopped all air traffic in and out of their Saudi Arabia, posting on their official website earlier this afternoon: "All flights at King Abdulaziz International Airport have been suspended due to bad weather.”

Saudi Arabia's Met Office stated that southerly winds are reaching speeds of 50-50kph are bringing up dust and reducing visibility. The airport authority further added: “Dear passengers: we advise you not to go to the airport now due to the temporary suspension of flights. Please communicate with the airline to know the new flight times.”

Weather is currently overcast in the UAE with chances of strong winds passing through the emirates, from Saudi Arabia. The weather is expected to stay this way for the next 3 days.