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Refilling your water bottles without washing it? That's like licking a toilet seat!

It's summer and we all need to stay hydrated, and it's likely that you've got a favourite water bottle you drink from, but now researchers have worked out that refilling your water bottle, without washing it first isn't as clean as you think it would be! 

Researchers have done lab-tests on water bottles used by athletes for a week, the bottles came back with over 900,000 colony forming units per square cm, that's more bacteria than the average toilet seat... Yup that bottle is going in our mouths, so we're essentially licking toilet seats! Yuuuuuk! 

The worst bit of all of this research, 60% of the bacteria found in the bottles were capable of making us sick! So if you're feeling a little poorly, you might want to change your water bottle! 

Top tip on having a clean bottle, fill it up a quarter of the way with boiling water, shake the bottle and it will be cleaner than it was before... Or use glasses!