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Rain in the UAE! Everybody panic!

Residents of the Eastern Region experienced temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius, yesterday. Normal right? If not a little colder than the usual summer temperatures.

And then the rain came… Um, What?!

That’s right, the Al Hajjar mountain range and parts of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah saw rainfall across the region yesterday. And there is more rain to come.

Experts have said more rain is to come today, but only in the same areas. Internal parts of the UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have instead, experience another mini heatwave.

At the beginning of last month Al Ain experienced temperatures higher than 50 degrees, which caused a heatwave around the UAE.

In the past 48 hours Dubai and Abu Dhabi has seen a 5 degree spike, making temperatures close to 50 degrees.

The hot weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is expected to stick around for the next few days, as is the rain in the Eastern Region.