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'Rain Days' could become a thing of the past in AD?!

In other countries, there's such a thing called "Snow Days" where there is too much snow to get to work and school. Well, the UAE doesn't have snow, but we do (sometimes) get rain! And sometimes we even get "Rain Days!"

But getting the day off work or school because it rained might be a thing of the past for Abu Dhabi! The Abu Dhabi City Municipality plan to begin construction on a rainwater drainage system cover the entire emirate.

The project will cost Dh44million has been approved and has actually already begun, the project is estimated to take two years to complete.

Right now Abu Dhabi’s draining is controlled manually, with 47,732 drains, 9,411 collections slots, 7,782 inspection points and 25 pumping stations.

Once the new drainage system is complete, flooding in the emirate is expected to decrease, improving congestion on the roads during the rainy season.