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PHOTOS: Why Airport Tunnel was closed on Friday

On Friday the Airport Tunnel was closed off to the public, so Dubai's emergency services could take part in an emergency training exercise.

The mock drill involved two vehicles colliding with one another, with them both carrying pain and inflammable materials. 

300 people took part, with 70 rescue vehicles, civil defence cars, police patrols and ambulances - One scenario involved a collision between a public bus, a taxi and 2 private cars. 

The Chief Executive of the RTA's licensing agency, Hashim Bahrozyan spoke to The National saying: "The drill lasted more than four hours during which the airport tunnel was closed in the direction of Al Qusais and Sharjah. The operation examined the preparedness of the RTA’s emergency and crises management team as well as other government bodies and verified the readiness of these teams to intervene and contain such accidents."