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Pay for your parking using this new app!

A new application for your smartphone is hitting the app stores soon - launched by the Roads and Transport Authority.

The app is called the Smart Parking app and is dedicated to making parking easier in the Dubai Emirate.

Currently you can pay for parking via SMS but that includes a 30 fils charge. Paying for your parking on this new app will have no additional charges!

“People can opt to insert their details for every single transaction, or make an account. The mPay option is available on the parking app, but the SMS option will continue to exist for customers who prefer to use this method,” says Ahmed Bahrozyan from the RTA.

You can also use GPS for your phone to find your location - and find the nearest parking available! 

A new upgrade to the app in the future will allow you to see how many spaces are vacant near you too!

The new app is available for motorists from all emirates, who can use the services of the application by inserting the vehicle registration or number plate. The app is available on Android and iPhone and will soon become available on Blackberry too.