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22 thoughts you have trying to find a parking space in Dubai Mall

We've all done it, planned our day around a lovely visit to Dubai Mall, you hop in the car and then all of a sudden it dawns on you... How on earth are you gonna find a parking space?! Here are 20 thoughts we have when trying to find a parking space in Dubai Mall.

1: Should've taken a taxi

2: Maybe valet is actually worth it

3: Do I actually have to go in here?

4: Pretty sure I could buy this online

5: Is Cinema parking the best?

6: Why has everyone stopped driving?!

7: I should've taken the Metro

8: I wonder how early the people parked at the front had to get here?

9: Okay, it's been an hour now...

10: I really need to go to the bathroom

11: Oh! These people look like their leaving!

12: Nope! Just putting more shopping in the car

13: Okay, I've been driving around so much I'm running out of petrol...

14: There's an exit close by....

15: Should I park in Souk Al Bahar

16: Then I can walk across

17: It's too hot to go outside

18: And I literally have no idea how to get around the souk

19: There's a green light!

20: Nope, it's broken

21: I don't think I can take much more than this

20: Let's try this again tomorrow