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When we couldn't believe what a number plate costs!

A limited edition number plate has sold for Dh31 million!

The number 1 plate was made in commemoration for Abu Dhabi's Government Golden Jubilee.

This isn't the first number plate bought in the country, here's three other times we have been blown away by auction of number plates...


The highest selling number plate in the UAE's history...

Saeed Al Khouri, a businessman in Abu Dhabi won this number plate at auction in 2008.


Recently a Dubai-based Indian businessman made the headlines when purchasing plate D5 at auction.

It was the first single digit number offered at auction by RTA.


Earlier this year Sharjah businessman Arif Ahmed al-Zarouini paid big to get plate number 1.

Compared to the prices above, this plate looks cheap, ish...

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