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New jungle tower in Dubai, will be finished by 2018!

We've reported about the rumoured building, with it's very own jungle half way up the building. But now it seems as though the building could be finished by 2018! 

Al Thanyah District will be home to the Rosemont Hotel & Residences, and will be the very first building in the world to have it's very own jungle, stretching 75,000sq ft! 

The hotel is rumoured to be costing approximately Dh2bn, and will have it's own splash pool and cafe in the jungle! The building will have it's very own man-made beach, with water only recycled from collected condensation. 

There will be 2 buildings, 1 55-storey apartment building, and another 53-storey hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. The hotel is expected to be open to the public in just 2 years!