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New Dubai Metro lines to reach as far as Green Community!

For people living out in the Green Community without a car, you’re in luck!

The RTA are planning to add four new metro lines to the emirate by 2020.

The extension will see metros running into old Dubai, plus an extension on the already existing Red Line to accommodate for people going to the upcoming Dubai Parks.

But before any of this happens, Route 2020 will be completed first, which will extend out from Nakheel Harbour and Tower on the Red Line.

Route 2020 is expected to be completed by 2019 according to the RTA.

Route 2020 will definitely go through Green Community, Dubai Investment Park, and the Expo 2020 Zone.

The image shows that the new lines could be going through Gardens, Discovery Gardens and Furjan, until reaching Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road for the final stretch to the Expo Zone.

The line on SMBZ road is said to be an underground line

After the Metro line has crossed SMBZ Road through an underground line, it curves towards the west, heading for the Expo site.