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Minimum speed limits on Dubai's roads are getting raised!

Traffic authorities in the UAE have made the decision to increase the minimum speed on highways to reduce traffic jams due to motorist driving too slow. 

Currently roads like Sheikh Zayed Road and Mohammed Bin Zayed road have a 60kph minimum limit, which The Federal Traffic Council have said is too low. 

This could also mean that the maximum speed limit could be raised to 140kph, to give you 40kph leeway between top speed and minimum speed.

Major General Al Zafin, the Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police has said "The proposal now is to increase the minimum speed limits on those roads to 100kmph. We have found that the existing margin is very big and this is causing traffic jams as some drivers believe they can drive at 60kmph on a road with a maximum speed of 140kmph.”