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Hyperloop's big announcement!

There has been a big announcement regarding the Hyperloop One today...

It has been announced that Hyperloop One and RTA have signed a deal to bring the futuristic transportation system to the UAE!

Below you can catch a video which provides a look at the Hyperloop One.

Catch the live updates from the event earlier on today for more details...

12:50pm - Official video teaser of the Hyperloop Pods!

12:10pm - More images of the Portals have been put online!

Sarwat at 7DAYS has posted these pictures up from the Hyperloop event.

11:47am - Hyperloop announce a deal with RTA!

The conference is underway right now!

11:25am - The co-founder teasers more big news shortly!

11:22am - Hyperloop One are teasing the official announcements!

Hyperloop One have taken to their Twitter account to tease the start of the event.

11:15am - The Hyperloop Pods interior have been revealed!

Rober Anderson at Gulf Business has posted this picture on Twitter of the Hyperloop Pods, they look roomy.

11:00am - The first Hyperloop portal has been revealed! have released this video of the Burj Khalifa portal, the first portal revealed by Hyperloop One.

10:45am - Stu & Eve try to get some EXCLUSIVE details about the Hyperloop!