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Lets clear this up: you CAN bring your friends to the UAE

Articles have been popping up online about how expats won't be able to bring their friend into the country, this is true under some respect, but it's not as strict as it sounds! 

You will be able to bring your friends over to the UAE, you just won't be able to sponsor them once they arrive, which is fine, all they will have to do now is pay a Dh1,000 deposit to the Naturalisation and Residency Department before they collect their visa, once your visitors leave, they will be given the money back. 

The Ministry of Interior plan to exempt certain nationalities from paying the deposit if the new rules are approved. What has been approved is the new Dh500 cost for a visit visa across all emirates, this will be put in place on August 1st, so make sure you check your visa regulations before arriving to the UAE, because you don't want to be caught short!

The fee for the visit visa will cos you Dh500, and this cannot be renewed, if visitors plan on renewing their visa, they'll will have to extend to a 90 day visa and pay an extra Dh1,000.