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Learning to drive in Dubai is about to change!

Everyone that learnt to drive in the UAE will tell you about their yard test. One of the first obstacles you come to and eventually pass in your driving lessons.

Well now, plans are in place to make the yard tested automated!

Studies have begun to find technology that will make the yard test completely automate so no other people are in the car with you, easing your stress and lowering human intervention, which could cause mistakes during the test.

The is part of the Dubai governments move to becoming a smart government, offering easier solutions to people.

The yard test usually begins again a few classes and involves hill movements, emergency breaking and parking tests.

The new plan is to have learner drivers be monitored by cameras and sensors during the test, rather than having an instructor in the car for you.

The test however, will be in a controlled environment to make sure the learner drivers are safe.