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Know where you could be fined for cleaning your car!

Everyone loves a clean car in the UAE, but not everyone know when and where it's legal to get your car cleaned in Dubai. And some people are facing fines of up to Dh1,000 for doing it! 

In a bid to keep the UAE's streets clean, getting your car washed on the street, in a paid parking area, or even in a closed housing community could land you with huge fines. 

Abu Dhabi authorities have warned drivers to not get their car cleaned in paid parking spaces, and if found violating could be hit with a Dh500 fine! 

Sharjah are fining the people washing the cars, who are not employed by an authorised company, these fines will start at Dh250, but the fine could double if caught wasting water. 

Sharjah residents that are caught washing their car on the street will be hit with a Dh500. Emaar has calculated that for every square meter of road that is damaged, by harsh cleaning agents used in cleaning cars, it will cost Dh465 to repair and restore the road.